New We Are All Radioactive episode features Joi Ito and a humble government official

We Are All Radioactive – Chapter 5: Measurements from Lisa Katayama on Vimeo.

In Chapter 5, a team of hackers in Tokyo and Boston take radiation monitoring into their own hands, mapping the measurement levels across the entire country of Japan. Greenpeace and a blogging organic farmer join them in this civilian effort, and a government official admits that they need help.

Polaris, a new cell phone x robot that acts as a desktop secretary


This is Polaris, a robot designed by KDDI and Flower Robotics that monitors your behavior via your cell phone and then communicates to you via your TV. Basically what it does is function as an intelligent dock for your cell phone — when you put the phone on it, it extracts information from the handset and then gives you recommendations and reminders. Kinda like a miniature personal secretary! It also has the ability to self-navigate on flat surfaces. We should be seeing this in the consumer market soon — so far it’s just a prototype.

via Impress Watch (Japanese)

The crazy chihuahua lady’s decked out ride


You know the crazy cat lady? Well, I think I found her chihuahua
counterpart outside a Tokyo pet store complete with a chihuahua mobile. Check out the
personalized decals of her chihuahuas pasted all over her car. The back
and the front seats of her car were fully occupied by very comfy
looking doggy beds. Lucky little yappers. (by Emily Co)

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