TokyoMango Two-Year Anniversary!


I just realized it’s been two years since I started TokyoMango. To celebrate, I am taking a few minutes this morning to revisit the early days, and talk about why I started it and what I used to write about.

The Creation Story
I created this blog on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I guess I had a lot of things to say but nobody to say it to. Figured I could blabber about them online. I was also I was going to call it Tokyorgasmic, but didn’t want to attract porn-seekers. I didn’t give the name TokyoMango that much thought. I am from Tokyo, and I like mangoes.The site was hosted on Blogspot until March 2007, when I bought my own domain.The awesome design did not take effect until a few months after that, when I held a design contest and amazingly talented and generous James won and created the beautiful template that you see today.   

The First Post
My first blog post ever was an image-less perspective piece about the baby prince and the divorce rate. I said: "If Divorce In Japan was a publicly traded stock, I would be buying so many shares on e*trade right now." I was all talk. Didn’t even have an e*trade account until a couple months ago.

My First Big Trackback
It was from Gizmodo, on a post about a strange digitized log with speakers that’s supposed to soothe you with nature noises. Naughty now-editor Jason Chen photoshopped little pictures of my face all over the log, and I was super embarrassed. Remember, this was before I started writing for Gawker blogs myself, pre-Boing Boing guest blog, maybe even earlier than the now-defunct Wired blog Table of Malcontents. I had not yet built up my now-stealthy super armor against mean commenters and libelous content online.

The September 2006 Archives
In a way, my early posts were more fun and fresh and well thought-out than my new ones. That was when I was a totaly virgin blogger, and I’m pretty sure nobody was reading. You write differently when you know you have an audience. I had a lot of personal stories about my friends, train fights with school girls, my favorite ramen shop, my friend Alyssa’s YouTube Japanese lessons, made-up dialogue by potential prime ministers, and why American staplers suck.   

Thanks so much for reading, you guys!

Best of TokyoMango–November 2006


It’s been almost three months since TokyoMango came into existence. As I go back and manually update photos from my archives (they got lost in the move from blogspot), I found some fun posts I invite you to revisit–or visit for the first time, if you’re new to the site.

Toyota‘s stripper scandal
A cell phone strap that detects ghosts
The return of a child killer in thong panties
The world’s simplest cell phone
Your very own Japanese school girl on a cell phone strap;

A business card-sized sperm analysis kit
A portable boxing ring gong
Tiny remote-controlled dinosaurs
A special report on how the otakus are going to kick bullies’ asses
A nifty microwave egg-boiling contraption
Transparent model household electronics
The W111! whistle
A penguin that likes food shopping
.. and the Top 5 coolest Japanese products from 2006

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Girl with very hairy fake eyelashes.

This is not a cut from an audition tape for The Ring. Blogger Geisha Asobi was just fucking around after a haircut, and decided to make several strands into fake eyelashes. They fall off a few seconds later, but homegirl didn’t grow 5 years worth of hair only to have it cut off and discarded like a heap of trash. Here are some more pics of her having fun with it.

[via Boing Boing]