Answer to the “Guess Which Person is Not Japanese” Quiz


Thanks to everyone who submitted responses to my "Guess Which Person Is Not Japanese" quiz! The right answer is: The guy with the orange bag, my friend James Lee. He’s the Korean-American guy featured in my balloon room video.

A bunch of you mentioned that there was a black guy on the staircase. I don’t see him (some of you also mentioned that the resolution was low, but hey—that just made the challenge a little harder, right?), but if he is there, then you are presumably right, too. Yaaay!

Fastest Bullet Train Ever Unveiled

Nn20070702a3aThe new bullet train Type N700, which goes from Tokyo to Osaka in 2 hours and 25 minutes, was unveiled today at Shinagawa Station. That’s five minutes faster than the previous record holder, and probably the fastest train in the whole world.

Does anyone know how many miles it is from Tokyo to Osaka?

First person to find out, calculate the speed of this train, and leave it in the comments will get a prize from the Mango stash! (I’m just too lazy to do the math right now!) Don’t forget to leave a source so I can fact-check you.

Answer to “Just Say No” Pop Quiz

0607032The answer to last week’s train ad pop quiz is: A and C.

The ad reads: "We all hate violent acts in trains and train stations."

And the subhed says: "Let’s create a safe environment in trains and at stations for passengers and staff by getting rid of violence, train perverts, and destructive behavior."

It’s a collaborative campaign by all 21 train companies in Japan, including JR East and Tokyo Metro, that started last July.

Press release

Are you a stupid gaijin? Take the quiz and find out.

From 1720 until 1870, the tattooing of criminals became official punishment in Japan. Tattooed rings around the arm or a character on the forehead replaced which of the following punishments?
(A) Death by volcano.
(B) Penis rings.
(C) Mutilation by pecking roosters.
(D) Nose and ear amputations.

Answer this question and more to find out whether you’re a stupid gaijin (foreigner) or an informed Japanophile by taking SeekJapan’s Stupid Gaijin Quiz here.

No more Japanese caviar for Kim Jong Il.

Pop quiz: What do you do when your tyrannical rogue neighbor state is flying missiles over your country and developing nuclear weapons?

Answer: You prevent them from eating caviar.

Based on reports brought back by a Japanese
man who served as Kim Jong Il’s personal sushi chef for 14 years, the Japanese government figured out what KJI and his cohorts loved to indulge in and proceeded to ban export of these products to North Korea per a new UN resolution. The list includes caviar, liquor, car and yachts, gadgets, jewelry, and carpets. Quantity-wise, the 24 items constituted 16% of all exports from Japan to the DPRK.

For more on KJI’s luxurious lifestyle, check out Dictator Style.