New Hello Kitty theme park opens in Odaiba

Great news for Hello Kitty fetishists! On October 22nd, Sanrio opened a new theme park at Tokyo’s entertainment hub, Odaiba, called Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise. From the park map, it looks like there’s a theater, a gift shop, and a pancake corner… and giant dancing mascots. Its biggest clientele = Kitty fans from other parts of Asia, who are flocking the joint to get a glimpse of the one and only Venus Hello Kitty. (Venus, the goddess, is the namesake of the facility that houses the amusement park, called Venus Fort.)

via Nikkei Trendy (Japanese)

$500 Hello Kitty water


Hollywood company Fillico has created a special edition Hello Kitty version of their ridiculously overpriced bottled water. For $500, you can choose from five different types of Hello Kitty water. Red = friendship, pink = cute, yellow = heartful, green = wish, lavender = sweet. I suppose it could be a cute gift or novelty item at a wedding if you were ridiculously rich and ridiculously ridiculous.

via 3yen

Deadly weapons decked out in Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty isn’t always cute and innocent — sometimes, she decorates deadly weapons, including rifles and grenades. Some of these are real weapons, by the way, customized by gun-owners — sometimes they’re law enforcement personnel who want their wives to enjoy shooting with them. As the officer in this video says: Pink doesn’t make it any more deadly than black.


Wallet is for nerds who love Hello Kitty


This is cute, not in the conventional pink frilly Hello Kitty way, but in a much more nerdy retro Hello Kitty way. You still have to like Hello Kitty to carry it around, but if you’ve been a closet fan and are more of a black-and-white type of person than a pink person, this could work for you.