Betabrand’s new “Saito Jacket” (and a silly Christmas promo video)

Tomo — The Tofu Project‘s creative director — is also an occasional clothing designer. He just designed this shirt jacket for SF-based indie clothing label Betabrand called the “Saito Shirt Jacket” and made this silly Christmas-themed promo video for it. I don’t know if I want Saito Claus to show up in my chimney but the shirt is cool!

You can buy it here.

Lady Gaga designs t-shirt for Uniqlo’s Save Japan campaign


While I was in Tokyo last week, Uniqlo launched their Save Japan campaign. Together with Conde Nast Japan, they got all these celebrities to design black and white (and sometimes a little bit of color) t-shirts. I think this is the Lady Gaga one. Others include Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Karl Lagerfeld, and Orlando Bloom. So fancy pants!

You can buy them at any Uniqlo store for $20 each.

Uniqlo’s Save Japan t-shirt collection

iPhone app lets you scrub off Shibuya gals’ makeup

Picture 2

I think this might be my favorite just-for-fun iPhone app right now: it’s called Suppin and it lets you “scrub” the crazy makeup off of Shibuya gals’ faces to see what they look like without makeup (makeup-less face = suppin). I met the woman who made the app last week in Tokyo; she found several girls who ordinarily look like gals, and then convinced them to let her photograph them in the exact same position before and after they got decked out. It’s really amazing to watch the transformation right under your fingers.

Get it here

Levi’s campaign features personalized messages written with Japanese models’ butts

To promote its new custom-fit women’s jeans called Curve ID, Levi’s Japan pulled a great stunt in a high-rise in the middle of Tokyo: 30 models dancing in front of the window and spelling out a message with their butts. Another fun feature of this campaign: you can send your friends a personalized email written with girls’ butts at this web site, Hip Mail.

Uniqlo’s hi-tech heat-tech display and marketing genius


Uniqlo’s a power not to be messed with. The clothing company has single-handedly put words like “heat-tech” and “micro-fleece” into the national colloquial vocabulary based purely on good marketing. The materials are nothing new, but by sexing up the language used to describe thermals and fleece, and offering them in several different styles and many different colors, they’ve infiltrated the closets of every other Japanese person on the street.

Razor beauty campaign by Philips offers “mustache” diamond as a prize

Picture 4

Philips Japan is having a really strange promotional campaign right now — they’re offering one lucky male user of a Philips shaving system a 0.3-carat diamond made out of his own mustache. Here’s how the campaign works:

1. Go to the campaign’s Mustache Beauty Queen web site and choose your favorite out of the 20 candidates for Mustache-Shaving Queen. When your mouse rolls over each girl, you can see her shaving her mustache. Yes, it’s sexy and fun! You should check out the site even if you’re not planning to enter.

2. Vote on one beauty queen you like by sending a postcard to the campaign address.

3. Once all votes are in, a queen is chosen. From those who voted for that queen, one lucky person will win the Mustache Diamond.

4. Philips reps will go to the winner’s house and take videos of the person shaving off his (or her) mustache. They’ll then use the carbon from the stubble to create an artificial diamond and present it to the winner in a special ceremony.

You can vote until Jan 11, 2010.

Campaign main page (Japanese, via Impress Watch)