How to do radio calisthenics the right way

Every Japanese kid at some point in their lives has to do radio calisthenics exercises in the morning. Even though I didn’t go to a Japanese school, I stumbled upon this strange ritual at a local swimming school that my mom took me to for a few months in grade school.

I think this routine should be secret code for how to tell if someone is Japanese. You know, like a fraternity hand shake. I’ve also seen old Chinese people do a similar exercise routine early in the morning in parks all over San Francisco but cannot confirm that it’s the exact same thing. Anyone?

3 thoughts on “How to do radio calisthenics the right way

  1. I’ve only ever seen people doing tai chi — I can’t imagine that you’d confuse tai chi and these morning exercises, though sometimes people do generic stretches before or interspersed. :)
    I’m not sure about the timeline, but I suppose it’s possible that elderly Taiwanese people were exposed to something similar and might have brought it over.

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