Gakko Project, a super artsy inspirational summer camp on Naoshima

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I’m on Naoshima, an awesome little island off the coast of Kagawa Prefecture best known for its amazing collection of modern art (including, famously a giant yellow polka dotted pumpkin right on the seashore created by Yayoi Kusama). For six days, Kenta Koga, a 21-year old Yale undergrad has transformed the conference room at a local hotel into a six-day summer camp for 30 high school students and 15 Yale, Harvard and Tufts undergrads. It’s called Gakko Project. The tag line is “Question Learning” and from what I can gather from my first hour here, it’s an attempt to take people who normally learn in pedantic academic settings and put them in this amazing concrete modern art building on a gorgeous beach with art everywhere with inspirational thought leaders so that they absorb inspiration in different ways.

In a couple hours, my friend Chiaki Hayashi and I are teaching a course on how to create きっかけ. It will involve brainstorming, conversing with strangers, and running on a beach. Super fun! Tomorrow we’ll be joined by our friend Fumio Nanjo, the director of the Mori Art Museum, who actually curated most of the art on Naoshima. We plan to have a blast, swim in the ocean, and fully support Kenta’s ambitious and super inspirational initiative.

Photo: Florian Koenigsberger

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