Hiroshi Sugimoto’s beautiful glass-ified shrine in Naoshima


In 2002, Hiroshi Sugimoto decorated Go’o Shrine on Naoshima with an optical glass staircase that leads to a subterranean stone chamber. It’s now a permanent part of the Art House Project, an amazing art project on Naoshima that walks you through a small traditional Japanese village with several obscure buildings that have stunning contemporary experiential art pieces hidden in them. The most dramatic one was James Turrell’s Minamidera — a spiritual worship place transformed into a seemingly pitch black room that slowly over time metamorphoses into one of his signature empty rectangular box meditative spaces.

Go’o Shrine for Art House Project

7 thoughts on “Hiroshi Sugimoto’s beautiful glass-ified shrine in Naoshima

  1. Wow, this Naoshima sounds so interesting!!! and I thought I ran out of fun places to go to when visiting to Japan :-) Thanks for your journey there and your words about this magical place!

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